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Recently, I had the pleasure of attending The CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) Summer Conference, held at Chesford Grange in the United Kingdom. It started with an engaging opening address by conference Chairman, Terry Murphy. As Director, National Distribution Centre Operations at John Lewis, Murphy’s speech had the themes of supply chain flexibility and agility at its core, and these topics continued throughout the day both in the breakout sessions and general conversation.


Addressing the audience, Murphy cited John Lewis – the largest omnichannel retailer in the UK. John Lewis literally “do not know what they are doing tomorrow” because of the “never knowingly undersold” policy. This means that they may have a surge in certain items, in response to a competitor’s special offer, and that the earliest John Lewis could possibly know about any changes is the morning in which it happens.

CILT Chief Executive Kevin Richardson said in an environment of increasing compliance and consumer demands, organisations and individuals are required to respond to needs for greater flexibility, enhanced customer service and reduced costs. They must learn what actions others already have taken on their journeys and share ideas. Richardson revealed in his experience, the CILT events are an ideal place for doing so (and I agree).

One of the topics explored by Cranfield University’s Professor Martin Christopher was “supply chain management has not changed as quickly as the world has changed,” and if you know what is happening, you have a much better change of controlling it. Those who master the complexity in modern supply chains have a better chance of sustained success.

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Trevor Long is a business development director for supply chain solutions for RMG Networks’ EMEA operations. Trevor has over 20 years experience in providing strategic solutions to simply compelling information for businesses. Connect with Trevor on LinkedIn.

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