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Symon Says is an ongoing series of tips for Symon customers to help them better use their visual communications solution. We welcome customer submissions. If you have a tip, send it to training@symon.com.

The Symon XGC table is a powerful plugin for Symon InView that lets you create master/details hierarchy in the form of a tree view. The table subscribes to multiple database tables and bundles the tables in one display.

You can view the data beginning at a high, generalized level of detail and “drill-down” to view one or two additional subsets of related data. The table data is connected by one or more common database fields.

In the example below, the Inview dashboard is used for displaying Department level data. Each department consists of multiple teams and each team has one or more agents.

The inner section in the graphic represented by the blue/white area is the XGC table.


When the user clicks on “Dept.1” Inview launches the Master table for Department 1 consisting of Teams 1 to 6 with the team level KPIs.

Clicking the (+) sign against each team takes you to individual Agents who are part of the team.


This allows managers to quickly know the overall team status. Users can also group, sort or resize each column for easy comparison. For example, users can sort on “Status” column of the Agent table, which places all agents in similar status together. Or, they can sort on “ACD calls,” which will sort agents in the order of calls handled.

The plugin has a number of customizable features such as:

  1. Enable/Disable filter mode / filter lists / select top level entities for master table.
  2. Outlook style drag and drop grouping
  3. Auto horizontal and vertical scroll bars depending on table size
  4. Sort one or more columns on each level
  5. Choice of themes to change the look of the table without resetting each property
  6. Customizable fonts and sizes
  7. Customizable thresholds
  8. Customizable horizontal/vertical gridlines
  9. Customizable backgrounds
  10. Enable / Disable column re-size. Column splitters etc.

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