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My coworker was just bragging about his new PlayStation VR, casting me headlong into the swamps of sadness as I recalled the younger, carefree, single days of early adulthood in which paying exorbitant amounts of hard-earned cash for something like an artificially intelligent robot dog was not only feasible, but OK. Hence, an $800 gaming console would have been a drop in the bucket in those days and strangely would have made more sense than a grown man owning an AIBO.



So, what am I on about? Well, while basking in the memories of running through virtual fields of nerd-dom, my coworker made a comment relevant to the topic at hand. He said, “You know, it’s like the future is here…it’s happening right now.” Who would have thought that in our lifetime, we could “jack-in” to another world to play the hero of an entirely different narrative than the one we’ve been given to live out in our present reality? Moreover, which one of us back in the 80’s could have conceived of the visual technology available to us today – flexible LED panels, translucent screens, LED displays of intense brightness and resolutions configurable to any size and shape – as we physically dialed through a mere handful of television channels via an obnoxiously loud knob on the face of a small, hideously ugly, 4:3 cathode ray tube?

With the introduction of RMG® MAX to the market, we at RMG have not only escorted in the latest in LED screen technology, we’ve brought the future to our customers. With MAX, there is no shape, no size, no location, or configuration of LED arrays off limits to businesses and organizations that desire an engaging, attractive medium to bring attention to their brand and their message. And just as the advent of the LCD screen made the CRT go the way of the dodo, so will MAX LED technology revolutionize the digital signage industry – an industry that increasingly permeates the entire landscape.

Are you looking to the future, or are you living in the past? Whatever the answer is to that question, just know that the future of digital signage is here, and that future is RMG MAX. Check it out.

About the Author:
Robert Jefferson the Content Marketing Manager and Video Producer for RMG with a passion for communication and a love for all things creative. Connect with Robert on LinkedIn.

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