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Having recently signed a partnership agreement with Manhattan Associates in the United States, it made perfect sense to attend their conference in Paris. With 25-years expertise in providing technology solutions that address challenges in supply chain, inventory, and omnichannel commerce, Manhattan Associates’ recently held event offered industry experts an opportunity to share some of their insights on omnichannel operations. The event was well organised by the EMEA marketing team and packed full of great customer experiences from some of the most iconic U.K. and international brands, including grocery, fashion, and manufacturing, as well as an evening jazz boat cruise along the River Seine and past the illuminated
Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower with boats on Seine during autumn in Paris, France

Eiffel Tower with boats on the river Seine during autumn in Paris, France

A Fulfilling Experience

The opening address by Manhattan CEO, Eddie Capel, had the theme of “Delivering a Fulfilling Experience” at its core, and related topics throughout the event included:

  • Creating a store experience around personal experience, and in doing so changing a random purchase to a personalised gift. It’s a 3-way win – the buyer, recipient, and retailer all benefit.
  • To meet growth plans, companies need to get more capacity from their DC landscape, and how a simple, scalable, flexible infrastructure is the foundation of this, balancing the simplicity to scale and the flexibility for the necessary adaptation to the local geography.
  • Putting the store to work, and the most appropriate use of technology to increase face-to-face eye contact with the customer, as opposed to technology for the sake of it.


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Supply Chain White Paper

Supply Chain

RMG’s Supply Chain Expert: Trevor Long


Trevor Long is a business development director for supply chain solutions for RMG’s EMEA operations. Trevor has over 20 years experience in providing strategic solutions to simply compelling information for businesses. Connect with Trevor on LinkedIn.


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