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A guest’s impression of a hotel is formed in the first 10 minutes according to experts. An inviting lobby, quick check-in and a clean room with a mint on the pillow are a great start. But in a competitive industry like hospitality, guests expect more than a room service menu and a notepad on the side table.

Digital Signage for Hospitality

By implementing digital signage solutions, a hotel can further engage with guests while reinforcing their brand and message. Strategically installed digital signage throughout the lobby, outside conference rooms and near the elevator can provide guests with directions to their room or information on where to get a quick bite after a long trip. Not to mention, digital signage displays the information with eye-catching and dynamic visuals

Below is a closer look at some ways digital signage can enhance the hotel guest experience

List Helpful FAQs
What time is check-out? How far in advance do I need to schedule a spa visit? Where is the business center? These common questions take time out of a hotel clerk’s day, and worse, guests sometimes wait in line to get the answers. An interactive digital kiosk can provide useful information about the hotel’s amenities and nearby attractions. Simply creating a detailed and organized list of commonly asked questions can save guests and staff time and energy.

Promote On-Site Amenities
Large hotels offer dozens of amenities to guests, but it’s not so easy to present all there is to offer during check-in or on a small brochure. Digital signage in hotels is an opportunity to promote incremental amenities and services in an unobtrusive way. Announcing Wednesday’s spa discounts on a digital display can attract more interest than relying solely on hotel staff to promote the special. In fact, 37% are likely to choose a hotel with lobby technology, such as touchscreens and check-in kiosks, over one without. Constantly running digital ads are subtle reminders about the services provided, and generate interest and ultimately increased revenue as guests act on the messages displayed.

Provide Local Information
Hotel guests are generally unfamiliar with the surrounding area and seek guidance as they wander out into the local community. In most cases they turn to hotel staff or a concierge to ask questions about where to go and what to do, which places a burden on employees during peak periods. Hospitality digital signage solves this issue through snapshots of the area and information about the most popular tourist destinations. Interactive digital displays allow guests to explore the destinations in depth by touching the pictures of places they want to visit, then reading a brief description. In addition, digital signs are the perfect place to display weather and temperature information, so guests are prepared as they venture out for the day.

Digital Signage in Hotels

Display Emergency Notifications
It’s not something many like to think about, but emergencies are inevitable and happen when least expected. Prompt, concise communication is essential during a natural or man-made situation. Digital signage for hotels can keep guest informed in real time to minimize confusion.

Adding digital signs to your hotel is like adding a concierge, without the salary or time off. Let RMG NetworksTM show you how to elevate your guests’ experiences with hospitality signage that drives customer loyalty and increased revenue.

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