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In a recent article from the Dallas Morning News, Mitchell Schnurman highlighted one of the more exciting happenings in the contact center space in recent years – the “reshoring” of call re-shoringcenter jobs from overseas back to the US.  While India, the Philippines and other countries have benefited from contact center expansion for many years, the trend has shifted to hiring and training workers locally.  Schnurman stated that 100,000 jobs were created in the last few years and that domestic hiring is up nearly 5 percent, which is 2-3 times greater than other similar sectors.

What’s behind this trend? Several factors were pointed out including higher customer satisfaction scores, as well as more opportunities to cross-sell or upsell products and services.  Technology has also changed the landscape. Simple requests are handled with automated systems, but a live agent with effective training can more easily handle complex questions in the ways customers want to be serviced. Finally, with typical contact center productivity being measured with various call statistics (average call time, speed to answer and more), many contact centers are seeing productivity gains and/or cost reductions as high as 15% due to this “re-shoring” trend. This increased productivity is due primarily to call times and number of calls handled.

RMG Networks has a contact center solution that can help businesses capitalize on productivity improvements. RMG’s solution includes real-time data feeds (from popular third-party ACD, WFM, CRM, Issue-Tracking System, etc.) and helps create dynamic, engaging real-time dashboards for your contact center environment.  Our contact center solution puts your data where real-time decisions are made – at the “execution” level – viewable on large scoreboards or flat panel monitors, desktops and mobile devices.  Keep employees informed of current status up-to-the-minute, but most importantly – improve your contact center metrics through intelligent digital communications.

Contact RMG Networks today to learn how our contact center solution can increase productivity for your business. For more information, please download our white paper on real-time performance management in call centers.

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