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Most companies will agree that they want their message to be seen and heard, to be brilliant, and to capture audience attention for miles. With custom LED displays, businesses can help their message and brand rise above the crowd to attract interest using a variety of LED panels configurable to any size, shape, or curve. With a multitude of options available, the only question remaining is: How can LED displays help your business?

Led Displays

With all the rapidly advancing technology in 2016 and beyond, it’s important to understand how LED displays can help your business grow in ways you may have never thought possible. Without further delay, here are six things you may not have known about LED displays:

1. First Things First

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. These light-emitting diodes or LEDs produce a significant amount of light for longer periods of time and are increasingly becoming more popular for use in a variety of colorful and creative ways, including for walls, panels, and signage displays. No longer do you have to visualize your message in neon or fluorescent signs. Now, you can communicate your message in ultra-bright and high contrast LED-based digital signage displays perfect for advertising on building facades, shopping centers, transport hubs, sports stadium, event areas, and more.

2. Live Long and Prosper

Quality LEDs have an expected lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. Not only do LED screens offer ultra-brightness but they maintain their brightness throughout their lengthy lifespans making this an energy-efficient and convenient option.

3. Pitch Perfect

When considering LED screens, one of the most important aspects to consider is pixel pitch. The pixel pitch is the distance between adjacent pixels measured in millimeters and is determined by the distance of viewer to the screen. Determining your required pixel pitch is important because selecting a small or large pixel pitch directly affects the quality of the image. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to the display and have a comfortable viewing experience. Advanced LED technology offers 1.2 mm, which is one of the smallest, albeit more expensive, pixel pitches on the market today.

4. Surface-Mount-Device

LED signs are typically grouped into two modules: Dual in-line package (DIP modules) or surface-mount device (SMD modules). While DIP modules are mostly used in outdoor LED signs where environmental conditions are more strenuous, SMD modules are a better option for interior signs and offer enhanced color and quality of text and images.

5. Trends in LED

LEDs can be combined in any shape or size configuration to produce creative viewing experiences using energy-efficient illumination. Increasingly, LED displays are used as digital art and architectural media for solutions that help bring your message into the light. Some of the current trends in LED displays include curved applications for use on rotundas and cylindrical pillars, 3-D shapes, and floor designs.

6. But, is it good for Business?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, businesses that enhance their signage to include digital displays typically see an increase in business in the range of 15 to 150 percent. Before investing in a digital display, take some time to consider some of these important questions:

  • How much am I willing to invest in a LED display?
  • Which messages are suitable for display on my LED sign?
  • Do I want these messages to be scheduled?
  • Will my LED display be outside or inside?
  • How much maintenance is required?
  • How can I use LED screens to stand apart from my competitors?

This is where RMG can help. As an industry leader providing high-quality LED displays to customers worldwide, RMG® MAX offers digital signage solutions to customers of various industries to illuminate their message, maximize message impact, and ultimately boost their bottom line. For high brightness and contrast, completely customizable and cost-effective panels with carefree maintenance, contact RMG for your LED solutions.

To learn about how RMG can help you with LED displays, please feel free to contact us today.


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